5 examples of real estate ads that catch your eye

A good ad to rent your property can make all the difference when it comes to finding a tenant quickly. Therefore, in this article, we will show you 5 examples of real estate ads that attract attention.

For you to be correct in the description of your property, it is important to bring relevant information to the client. They also need to be clear, complete and attractive.

Want to know how to get away from the obvious and do a creative promotion? So, check out 5 examples of rental properties that bahria hills has listed for you!

5 great examples of real estate ads for rent

To boost your ad and rent faster, you need to have as much relevant information as possible. So, don’t forget the main data about the property and leave your description complete. Also insert photos of the property that are of good quality and that really show the location to the interested party.

This way, you not only answer all customer questions, but also manage to leave your ad in the best positions on the rental portals. That way, it is possible to reach more interested parties and, at the same time, find the ideal tenant for your property.

In addition to a detailed description, the tip is to make your ad very personalized to stand out from the common models.

Here are some examples of real estate ads that show you how you can do this!

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1. Use empathy

It is not the most recommended to be overly informal. Therefore, avoid expressions that do not reveal professionalism. But you can use empathy and engaging language, such as:

“Beautiful apartment, recently renovated, with 2 bedrooms, 1 suite. The apartment is super cozy, airy and hits the morning sun. It is located in a quiet, wooded and safe area.

It is newly formed and has everything brand new – floors, paint and cabinets. It has a living room with two rooms, a toilet, a laundry area and a spacious kitchen for you to make that dinner with friends.

The building has easy access to everything! It is 7 minutes’ walk from the subway, supermarket and gym. In 10 minutes, you also have access to the main banks, lottery, pharmacy and petshop.

Ah! And the building is pet friendly, so you can bring your pet. Three blocks up there is also a park to run at the end of the day or take your pet for a walk.

Come meet! Our visits are from Monday to Saturday. Make an appointment and see with your own eyes the apartment of your dreams. ”

2. Personify the property

Another interesting feature is personification. In addition to being creative, you get the customer’s attention. Look:

“3 bedroom apartment, 2 suites and gourmet balcony.

You must already know me, because I know that many talk about me out there. I was signed by the famous architect X and I have already served as a roof for some personalities like Y and Z.

I am quite spacious, with 300 m² of pure beauty and comfort. My windows are big so that I can offer you lots of light and fresh air. Not to mention my balcony, from where you have a view of the whole city.

I was renovated to bring all the modernity of the current times. Close to me, you will have everything you need: restaurants, bars, market, gym, pharmacy. And, of course, a lot of leisure, with a swimming pool, sauna, sports courts, barbecue, party room and another list of things I can show you when you come to know me.

Let’s meet? I am available to visit every day. Make your appointment! ”

3. Talk to the customer

Do you want to attract the attention of interested parties, making them really look at your ad? So, talk. Not sure how? Thus:

“House for rent, with 3 bedrooms, 2 suites, in the neighborhood W.

Have you always dreamed of leaving the city and going to the countryside, but your obligations here did not allow it? How about bringing nature to your home?

Here, you have 225 m² to enjoy the singing of the birds, the cool shade of the trees and the tranquility of a calm and not very busy place.

There are 3 bedrooms, 2 of which are suites, a large kitchen with cupboards, a separate laundry area, a living room with two rooms and a balcony to receive family and friends.

Want more nature? You also find space for a garden to plant gardens, flowers and even a small orchard. In the garage, there is space for two cars.

It is safety, comfort and quality of life that you are looking for, isn’t it? Then he found his place. Schedule a visit and discover a privileged place to live! ”

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4. Show the differentials

One of the best examples of real estate ads is one that bets on strengths. Show why your property has the ideal differentials for your client:

“60 m² apartment with 1 bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and service area. It has a covered garage for one car.

  • Location: residential neighborhood, quiet at night, close to the college, good ventilation and lighting, 10 min from the shopping center, close to the subway and bus stop, bike path, access to all services (market, pharmacy, bank, lottery, gym, bakery etc);
  • Structure: newly renovated, bathroom stall, custom furniture, built-in wardrobe, shower and lamps already installed, new paint, elevator, garden at the entrance to the building;
  • Security: noble and safe region, 24 hour doorman, electric fence, gates with automatic closing. ”

5. Bet on the good old description

Regardless of the style you use, the essential thing is to describe your property well. Why not use an ad that bets on good description? Here’s an example:

“Commercial property, 600 m², two bathrooms, two rooms, an office and a pantry. Rent: R $ 5000 / month with property tax.

Great location in the city center, close to the main shops. Ceiling height of 6 meters, new paint, 4 steel gates. It has an excellent finish and infrastructure, with air conditioning already installed, parking for employees and customers and an area for loading and unloading.

Owner accepts negotiation. Get in touch and schedule your visit! ”

Finally, in addition to these examples of real estate ads, it is worth remembering that you have the option of having tools that help in structuring the ad, making it even more attractive and interesting.

Now that you have seen the 5 examples of real estate ads that attract attention, do you want to advertise your property and get a tenant much faster? Find out how to make free rental ads with quality and practicality!


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