Digital Marketing for Builders and Developers: from Lead Generation to Sales

To develop a good email relationship in real estate, the starting point is to understand that the Real Estate Lead is different from the Developers and Builders Lead

Businesses around the world are using the internet to leverage their results. For this, creating a strong digital presence is essential. Digital Marketing for construction is no exception: in the last decade, this market has increasingly invested in building sites and social networks.

According to Google, searches for terms such as “property”, “house”, “apartment”, “and construction companies” are high. Search engine data indicate that more than 100,000 visitors have already made this search.

Marketing strategies for construction companies can be the most varied, including the use of Marketing Automation, social networks, blog, among others.

Are you already using the technology in favor of your Construction Company or developer?

If not, come with us to learn. If so, maybe you’ll discover some new things around here. Follow the reading!

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Remarketing: when well-dosed, a great strategy

Who has never visited a specific website or even Google to search for a product or service and then stumbled across several ads about the same topic on other websites and social networks?

This is called Remarketing, a strategy that – when used correctly – can strengthen your brand, leaving it in evidence for longer, as well as your projects (in the case of construction companies).

According to WordStream, an agency specializing in online ads, the ideal duration of a remarketing campaign would be something around 60 days. Of course, the number can vary depending on your product and audience, however, remarketing campaigns even last between 30 and 90 days at most.

To avoid brand fatigue – which is quite common to happen with these campaigns – don’t go beyond 10 daily impressions and try to vary your ads within that period.

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Speaking of ads, another good strategy is to bet on sponsored links to be found more easily in search engines, especially on Google.

To do this, working these ads with keywords specifically related to your services and products, targeting them as needed, is critical.

Also bet on good descriptions, copies that engage with your personas – individually – as well as geographic segmentations.

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Social networks for construction companies: strengthening the bond with their consumers

To contribute to your communication strategies, consider producing relevant content on topics covered by the real estate and civil construction sectors on social networks. With this, in addition to promoting your brand, you can also become an authority on the subject – becoming a trusted source for your customers and potential customers.

Analyzing your audience’s profile, you’ll be able to create a specific tone of voice for them – that combines the informality adopted in social media with the daily lives of these people.

As we know that a business can have more than one persona – and usually does! -, look for “divide and conquer”, selecting posts that talk to each one of them at different times – which is more recommended than trying to cover all of them with a single copy and ending up without a defined and clear tone.

Also remember that when we talk about content for social media, the formats can be the most varied:

  • Videos;
  • Tutorials;
  • Blog posts;
  • Polls;
  • Sweepstakes;
  • Cultural contests, etc.

With this, the company becomes more accessible and provides a more human vision to its followers – after all, everyone plays, talks about serious things, relates, works… In your sector it couldn’t be different!

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Which network do I go with?

Thinking about the target audience, adequacy of speech and characteristics of the social network are points to be considered when opting for yet another communication channel – in this case, a social network.

Furthermore, it is important to be prepared for this: from the moment you decide to act on social media, it will be to talk to your audience. Comments (both positive and negative), private messages and mentions will need to be replied to. Otherwise, the strategy could quickly become a shot in the foot!

Facebook, for example, is with a footprint over “communities” today. Remember Orkut? So it is! Facebook bet on private and open groups and the initiative was just as successful. You can find from sales groups to communities of brokers, investors, etc. The business pages can also be adapted and provide a variety of communication features.

On Instagram, the rule is to be visually attractive. It can be a good outlet to show off the beauty and functionality of your projects – with short but informative subtitles. Plus, it’s a great place to use videos. Visual “tours” through the apartments are also a good option.

LinkedIn has become almost indispensable: because it is a social network for networking is where all the business should be. But beware: there, the talk is about companies, professionalism, culture and values. Definitely not the right place to try to sell products and use very commercial approaches.

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