Rent fast – 11 practical tips

As the owner of eight properties for rent, I can say that having vacant properties is scary. In addition to not being able to count on the value of the lease every month, there are condominium and property tax rates that make it very difficult to make a quick return on the high amount invested.

Fortunately, there are nine tips for renting your property faster.

Many real estate companies with many free properties, financial crisis in the country and the difficulty to find an interested party within the expected are some of the reasons that may be postponing the closing of the contract.

Advertising and renting properties directly with the owner can be as safe as with real estate agents and brokers.

1. Advertise where people see to rent fast

The more people who know that the property is for rent, the greater the chance of the lease occurring. The best way to advertise a property may vary. Although online ads are ubiquitous, you need to be careful when creating the description of your property and taking the photos.

Another tip for renting faster is to advertise your property on communities and social networks.

See here the best sites for you to advertise your rental.

Another tip is to create your free ad on Zimobi, with that your ad is replicated to the main real estate portals (OLX, Zap Imóveis, Viva Real, Mercado Livre and Facebook Marketplace).

2. Rent Value – Price is essential for renting fast

Of course, you want to rent as quickly as possible, but also with as much money as possible. Comparing your home to similar ones for rent in your area is one of the best ways to establish the rental amount to be charged. The market value of your home is what someone will pay for it.

Another way that expert appraisers of the real estate market use to calculate the rent value is a calculation that revolves around 0.5% to 0.6% of the property’s sale value. This cost is net, that is, it does not include obligations such as property tax and condominium.


Property Value → R $ 300,000.00

Lease Amount → R $ 300,000.00 * 0.5% = R $ 1,500.00

We made a post with several tips to get your rent right, CHECK.

3. Visit to the property

When showing the property to the interested party, some factors are essential to close the rental contract (if you need, get a free model by clicking here). In this video we show 5 tips for you to rock the visit and rent your property.

Briefly, the tips are:

  1. Schedule to arrive before the scheduled time to visit and PREPARE the property. The environment must be clean, well ventilated, light and even fragrant.
  2. Good service is essential, considering that interested parties visit some properties until the rental agreement is closed.
  3. Listen to the interested party, understand their needs and call with benefits that your property will provide.
  4. Highlight your region’s strengths. Talk about the shops and facilities that the neighborhood offers.
  5. Find out what guarantees you need to rent your property safely.

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4. Don’t take chances

No matter how anxious you are to rent your home, not having a tenant is always better than having a bad tenant, they can cause more headaches and costs.

Choosing someone to rent your property is a big decision that should not be analyzed very well.

Establish a rational, detailed and fair screening process to find the best tenant for your home. Get to know the interested party well, by asking the five essential questions and analyzing some critical points in those interested during the visit to the property.

5. Keep the property well maintained

Property is a form of investment, whether to sell, rent or live. But, over time, this asset begins to show wear and tear, compromising its use and market value. So that this does not happen, whether the property is rented or empty, constant maintenance, adjustments and minor repairs are necessary, in order to ensure the good condition of the property.

Whether in the documentation or in the preservation of the enterprise: keeping everything up to date is essential to ensure agility in the rental process. In addition to avoiding headaches in the act of closing, a conserved, clean property with adequate inspections will attract more visitors and interested parties.

6. Reduce your price if necessary

If your house is not renting, it is necessary to reduce the value so as not to be left with the property for months.

In my experience with the market, you will know within a week or two weeks whether your property will be rented out soon. If you do not receive an interested second week, the price is still very high. I had a home advertised for six weeks and was not getting many interested. When I lowered R $ 100.00, I had two interested parties in two hours and the contract was signed soon after. The price is fundamental.

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7. Respond Quickly

When you receive a message or a call from an interested party, respond as soon as possible. Don’t worry about looking too anxious, the reality is that people look at various properties until they find what meets their expectations and when they do, they want to close soon. I can’t say how many times an appointment at 3pm was canceled because the prospective tenant found his perfect home at noon.

8. Know which documents to require

If you have come this far, it is because you have found your tenant and want to know the necessary documents for the rental agreement. So, let’s get straight to the point.

Documents list:

  • Identification documents (RG and CPF);
  • Income receipts (continue reading the text);
  • If you live in rent, 03 last proof of payment;
  • If it is a couple, documentation of both may be requested;

If you need a rental contract model in accordance with the Tenancy Law, you can use our free contract issuer.

Your contract comes out in Word and you can edit it at your convenience.

9. Have your contract template

In the rush to rent soon, have your model rental agreement ready. At Zimobi, you create your personalized, unique, fast, easy and free contract.

Click here to find out more. Our goal is to make life easier for property owners who manage without intermediaries.

10. Cool Photos

Every day, thousands of new ads are created on real estate platforms. While some appear at the top, others are on the second, third or even last page of searches. In this duel for relevance, those who have good images are already one step ahead of the conquest.

See six tips to photograph your property better and, consequently, rent faster.

11. Have flexibility in guarantees to rent quickly

For those who need to rent more quickly than to receive or offer alternative rental guarantees, in addition to the rental guarantee, it will facilitate the whole process. Nowadays, the lease without the guarantor and the reduction of bureaucracy in the lease process is increasingly normal. This helps both the owner and the interested party.

Zimobi helps you find and close the best rental guarantee, whether with or without a guarantor, or you can opt for the security deposit in your account.

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