Startup of disintermediation in property rental is accelerated by Google

Zimobi is a disintermediation startup in the rental of real estate that came to revolutionize the real estate market. In the most recent acceleration program for Google’s Startup Zone, 21 companies were chosen for the first group.
Among them is Zimobi – a platform that offers all the necessary tools for those who want to rent and manage their properties with security, tranquility and the best of all: without intermediaries.
In this article, learn more about the startup that innovated with disintermediation in rental rentals. See also the acceleration programs in which Zimobi was selected and understand why it is changing the real estate sector!

Brief history of Zimobi, until now…

Anyone who knows us and accompanies us knows of our commitment to try to change the scenario of the real estate market in Brazil. For this reason, we have always aimed to facilitate the routine of those who rent and manage properties without intermediaries.

Our biggest difference is the use of technology to ensure that property owners rent their properties more quickly and securely. In a simple way, the data is entered into the system. There, the platform performs all the bureaucratic processes to help landlords have financial savings and more time for what really matters in their lives.

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Who is Zimobi, a real estate rental disintermediation startup?

The Zimobi has innovated the way to rent and manage real estate, having great potential in the real estate market. This is the first and only Brazilian platform that has the mission of helping owners and tenants to negotiate the lease of their properties without intermediaries.

All of this is done with ample professionalism. Some of Zimobi’s goals are:

  • Facilitate online rental and the availability of the necessary tools;
  • Eliminate the traditional bureaucracy in the real estate industry;
  • Have autonomous management and direct communication between landlords and tenants;
  • Offer ease, tranquility and security in property management.


What does Zimobi bring to the real estate market?

One of Zimobi’s biggest differentials is the advantage of renting without real estate. Inspired by peer-to-peer companies, the platform brings a disruptive proposal to this market.

The traditional forms of rent – through real estate agents, brokers and intermediaries – are replaced by a simple, safe and agile system that takes care of the complete journey.

Through the startup, property owners have several resources. It’s possible:

  • Advertise properties on various real estate websites and portals;
  • Evaluate the history of those interested in the property and perform the credit analysis, criminal history and other information;
  • Issue the lease agreement to ensure legal certainty for the agreements;
  • Manage the collection and receipt of rentals automatically.

All of this brings more agility and ease to the real estate rental processes – both for tenants and for landlords.

With the absence of third parties and, at the same time, the provision of rental tools, the entire procedure is less bureaucratic, breaking with conventional models.

With a potential for high scalability and growth in the market, Zimobi is favorably viewed by the startup ecosystem. Google for Startups and MitHub, for example, are believing in the platform and helping to get this idea off the ground.

Which acceleration programs is Zimobi part of?

Currently, Zimobi is participating in three acceleration programs: Startup Zone, from Google, Inovativa Brasil, from the Federal Government and MitHub Mentoring, one of the most competitive that exists today – sponsored by the big names in the market, such as VivaReal, ZapImóveis, OLX, BrasilBrokers and Cyrela.

Better understand how each one of them works!

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Google for Startups: Startup Zone

The  Startup Zone is a Google acceleration program aimed at startups that are in the initial phase of business development. Of the 374 companies that applied to participate in the program, 21 were selected for the first of three classes.

The program started in early February and will run for three months. During this period, participating startups will have access to content, group training, workshops and mentoring from Google.

Each week, a specific topic is addressed by Google experts for the initial development of startups. The main themes are:

  • Evaluation of the fit of the product/service in the market;
  • Improvement of the business model;
  • Sales and growth strategies;
  • Pitching techniques for attracting investments.

In addition, startups have access to a Google for Startup’s workspace on the São Paulo Campus, favoring the formation of a network of entrepreneurs.

Innovative Brazil – Conducted by the Ministry of Economy.

The  InovativaBrasil program  – the largest free acceleration program in Brazil.
Conducted by Sebrae Nacional in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy, the program was articulated to become a public management tool that accelerates, connects and mentors startups throughout the national territory, without any cost, aiming to strengthen and foster innovation in Brazil.
The program relies on the execution of the Reference Centers on Innovative Technologies.

MitHub Mentoring

The other acceleration program that Zimobi is participating in is  MitHub . One of the most competitive in Brazil, MitHub is the main innovation community focused on the construction market and the real estate sector.

With the objective of providing the development of the ecosystem of construtechs and proptechs in the initial stages of the business, MitHub drives the digital transformation of these operating niches through technology and entrepreneurship.

Its most recent event started in March and will last for three months, with contents taught at the Vila Olímpia Campus in São Paulo.

In fact, the program is being sponsored by Cyrela, the ZAP Group, Brasil Brokers and several other major players from different industry segments.

MitHub Mentoring is composed of three main pillars, which have as reference the most renowned acceleration programs in the world. The axes are:

  • Learning methodology to increase the chances of success of startups when entering the market;
  • Mentoring with experienced people in the industry to accelerate the learning process of startups;
  • Connections with large companies and professionals that help startups to face challenges, to develop business models and to create innovative solutions for real pains.

By participating in MitHub, Zimobi has counted on the acceleration of several spheres of the business, such as:

  • Product validation;
  • Creation of a value proposition;
  • Evaluation of the fit of the product on the market;
  • Investment capture strategies;
  • Establishment of partnerships and sales models;
  • Development of the business model;
  • Pricing.

As you could see, Zimobi is a startup that brings disruption to the real estate market through disintermediation in real estate rentals. With a solution that reduces the bureaucracy of processes, finding a property and managing the rent is much simpler.

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