What is Facebook Marketing

With billions of users, Facebook is a tremendously popular platform. This platform is a gift to marketers because it is a storehouse of people and their preferences. Facebook has changed the way people and businesses connect today. It’s a massive database of information about people, their hobbies, likes and dislikes, and so on.

The following are Facebook’s main marketing tools:

Groups on Facebook

Facebook groups are useful for growing a brand’s consumer base and allowing them to communicate with one another. Additionally, groups give an excellent platform for advertisers to engage with customers, obtain feedback, and provide any kind of support or assistance.



All postings relating to a topic are connected with a specific term prefixed by a hashtag (#) in this strategy of marketing. These hashtags on Facebook are clickable, and when a user clicks on one, they will be taken to a page containing all public posts tagged with that hashtag.

App for Facebook

Facebook apps are optional third-party Facebook page enhancements that allow advertisers to customise their fan pages and add extra features to improve the user experience on-page. These apps can be used for a variety of purposes depending on the needs of the brand.


Facebook Live is a live broadcast on Facebook

Facebook Live is a service that allows advertisers to engage with their audience in real time by broadcasting live. This is particularly useful for live streaming brand events, new product launches, broadcasting expert interviews, and so on.

Avatar on Facebook

A Facebook Avatar is a temporary profile picture that users can use to demonstrate their support for a cause or event. Avatars pique the interest of users and hence attract a lot of attention rapidly.


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