What is the Best Site to Advertise Rental Property?

What is the Best Site to Advertise Rental Property?

When advertising your property you should ask yourself what is the best website to advertise your rental property? OLX, ZAP real estate or Viva real? Maybe ImovelWeb? Fifth floor? What is the best site to advertise property? Should I advertise property on the Facebook Marketplace? In this post we are going to compare the main real estate portals in reach, price and service level for owners.

There are several sites specialized in advertising property, each with different benefits and prices, in order to serve the most diverse audiences with different needs and budgets. But in the end, what counts is to be able to rent the property, isn’t it?

Spoiler Alert:  at Zimobi you advertise your rental for free and you can even spread your ad on the main portals with one click. Generating much more interested.  See how HERE.

Reach: Largest Portals to Advertise Rental Properties

Often better reach means greater portal. Owners want to reach as many people as possible to increase the chances of renting faster. That is why we compared the number of monthly visits from the sites Zap Imóveis , OLX, Imóveis Web and Viva Real,  which are the largest real estate ad sites in Brazil.

OLX has a higher number of visits, but it must be considered that it goes beyond renting real estate, which does not indicate that it will reach its public and ends up resulting in many “disqualified” interested parties. Viva Real is in 2nd place, ZAP in 3rd and PropertyWeb is 4th. These three are specific to real estate advertising.

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Price: Cheapest Sites to Advertise Rental Property

When evaluating the best sites to advertise properties, price is important. After all, you want to maximize your profit and spend as little as possible on intermediaries. You should also take into account how long you will have to pay a commission to brokers or whether you can rent directly from the owner. Let’s see which site is the cheapest to advertise real estate:

How much does it cost to advertise on ZAP, OLX, ImovelWeb, Viva Real and Quinto Andar.

  • OLX: 1 free property. However, without hiring the “highlight” your ad will easily get lost in the crowd. The highlight costs between R $ 14.90 to R $ 79.90.
  • Zap Imóveis: R $ 299.90 to advertise a property for a month
  • Viva Real: plans only for brokers
  • Web Property: R $ 199 for a super featured 30-day ad
  • Fifth Floor: Here you advertise your rent for free, but if you rent you have to pay 100% of the first rent and more fees every month.
  • Zimobi: Registering your ad is free. At Zimobi, you advertise on the biggest real estate portals and pay only a 50% percentage on the receipt of the first rent. Easy and fast.

Service Level: Best Service to Advertise Property

In addition to the price, the service level is important if you ever need help.

What to do when the site is down, your payment was not accepted? Will someone answer you? How long? Based on the data from  Reclame Aqui,  we will compare the service level of each real estate website.

  • Zap Imóveis: 8.1 / 10; response time: 6 days and 4h
  • OLX: 8.2 / 10; response time: 17 days and 22h
  • Live real: 7.6 / 10; Response time: 9 days and 8 hours
  • PropertyWeb: 6.2 / 10; response time: 4 days and 4 hours
  • Fifth Floor: 7.8 / 10; Response time: 6 days and 15 hours
  • Zimobi: 2 complaints; 100% resolved; service by Whatsapp

The reputation, according to the complaint here, of ZAP stands out. The shortest response time is that of ImóveisWeb.

Conclusion: Best Sites to Advertise Direct Property with Owner

If you don’t like to advertise your rental with real estate agents or intermediaries, some platforms stand out. OLX has the worst reputation, the longest reach and the lowest price. Viva Real has the best reputation, but it was made with a focus on brokers so it is not the best option to rent directly with owner.

At ZAP Imovéis e Imóvelweb it has both owners, brokers and developers. Whoever invests more, gets more prominence, often making the visibility of small owners more difficult.

On the Fifth Floor, it is a digital property, you will be served by brokers and will have to pay 100% of the first rent and several taxes included.

The Zimobi is 100% focused on direct sale with owner. The ads are free on the platform and headed for tenants who wish to explicitly rent direct with the owner.

With a single ad on Zimobi, you can post it on other paid portals, spending a lot less.


Best website for advertising rentals – How to advertise free rentals on Zimobi.

Best website to advertise rental property

At Zimobi you create your ad only once and it is published on the main real estate portals, impacting thousands of interested parties. After all, visibility is everything for those who want to rent faster! In addition, creating your ad on the Zimobi portal is free and you receive direct contact from all those interested in renting. It doesn’t matter if he has found your property on OLX, or on Zap Imóveis or any other portal, interested parties will be shown within the Zimobi platform and you will be notified by email and WhatsApp. This makes it easy to rent.   😜

If you want to watch a quick video on how to receive and analyze interested in Zimobi, click HERE.

List of website to advertise rental properties

Check below the List of 17 Sites to Advertise Rent

  1. www.zimobi.com.br
  2. www.olx.com.br
  3. www.vivareal.com.br
  4. www.zapimoveis.com.br
  5. ww.zipanuncios.com.br/register/
  6. www.imovelweb.com.br
  7. www.imovelbrasil.net
  8. www.achoumudou.com.br/planos.php
  9. www.post.vivalocal.com/
  10. www.gguia.com.br/
  11. www.imobiliarias.wiki.br/
  12. www.anuncios.mercadoimobiliario.com.br
  13. www.quintoandar.com.br/
  14. www.imovelavenda.com.br/anuncie_imoveis
  15. www.topanuncio.com.br/
  16. www.vende.com.br/cadastroPreLoad.do
  17. www.primeiramao.band.com.br/anuncie/

Now that you have a list of sites to advertise and you already know which the best site to advertise property is, you can start worrying about choosing the best tenant. This is another differential of the Zimobi platform. You directly receive those interested in renting your property, negotiate, issue and sign your 100% digital contract.

In addition, if you want to expedite the closing of the contract, it is worth being aware of all the rental guarantees that the interested party can offer. So you can rent your property even faster.

As property owners, we know how to assertively rent properties and we have prepared a guide for owners, enjoy and get to know. If you need to see the frequently asked questions page on our website.

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